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100 Days of COVID-19 in Australia

One hundred days ago, Australia confirmed our first case of COVID-19. It was known as Coronavirus back then.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency on January 30 (5 days after Australia's first confirmed case).

A pandemic was declared by WHO on March 11.

Right now, according to worldometer, there are 3,559,475 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally. There have been 247,982 recorded deaths and more than 1,152,914 people recovered.

In Australia right now there are 6,799 confirmed cases, 95 recorded deaths and 5,817 people have recovered.

The first confirmed case in Australia was recorded in Victoria when a man returned from Wuhan, China tested positive.

One hundred days later, here's how Australia is looking:

In such an unprecedented year, during 2020 so far we've seen unemployment, border closures, businesses hibernating, hotel quarantines for international arrivals, people working from home, introduction of social distancing measures, a National COVID-19 Coordination Commission established, school closures, students studying at home, sporting events and entertainment cancelled and so many more life altering changes throughout our country.

I have been tracking COVID-19 case in Australia for the past 60 days and have seen our states and territories spike in cases and deaths. Australia's highest daily total of confirmed cases was on the 28 March with 460 confirmed cases. We are now seeing, on average, 14 cases per day. Australia's highest daily total of fatal cases was on the 7 March with 7 deaths recorded in a single day.

Here's what the past 14 weeks has looked like across the country:

Most Australian states and territories have significantly ramped up their testing. On initial counts, we were averaging around 10,000 test across the country each day. Today, we are seeing excess of 25,000 tests per day.

Anthony from has been tracking Australia's testing outputs. Click the image below to deep dive into each state and territory's daily testing figures.

The testing and tracing that is conducted throughout Australia has confirmed the sources of transmission over the past hundred days. We've seen clusters from international arrivals, cruise ships, aged care facilities and hospitals. The testing and tracing is so important to better understand how quickly this virus travels within our communities.

Juliette from has been tracking transmission sources. Click on the image below to deep dive into each state and territory.

While testing and tracing is important, Australia has recorded 95 deaths during this pandemic. Identifying and understanding the vulnerable people within our communities and where deaths are more likely to occur will help us better protect and treat those people.

It has been sixty days since Australia recorded their first death. A gentleman in his 70's lost his battle in Perth after returning from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. In the past sixty days, Australia has so far recorded 95 deaths from around the country. The Northern Territory is the only state in Australia that hasn't recorded any fatalities.

Joanna from has been tracking the fatal cases in Australia.

The first hundred days has been a roller coaster ride for so many Australian's and indeed billions of people around the world.

It is vital that we continue to maintain social distancing, cleaning habits and staying at home as much as possible. We have recorded low numbers of confirmed cases during the weeks that many are staying at home. Every person in Australia has made that happen!

Our next hundred days will heavily rely on these practices being maintained.

Stay safe x