COVID Note is a personal notebook to assist our amazing contact tracing teams.


COVID Note includes a section to record the date, any locations you have visited during the day and any people you have been in close contact with.


There is a personal section for you to record daily symptoms as well.


If you present to a testing facility or hospital, please take your COVID Note pad along as it will assist the tracing teams enormously!


COVID Note pads contain 100 sheets, which only need to be completed if you are out and about or you start developing symptoms.


Proceeds from COVID Note pads sold will go towards donating to communities with urgent tracing efforts, due to increased community spread.


Grab one for yourself and your family or donate COVID Note pads to your local community.


Product Description

A5 Notepad (148 x 210mm)

100 Leaves

100gsm bond premium


About COVID Australia

COVID Australia is a volunteered project that has been tracking the COVID-19 outbreak since early 2020. Quick and accurate contract tracing is the key to managing clusters and large outbreaks within our communities. We all have a personal responsibility within our communities and COVID Note will assist you and your families and our busy contact tracers.


Bulk Ordering

If your organisation would like to buy My COVID Note pads for your employees or customers - or if your organisation would like to donate to local communities, please contact me.


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